Residence At Vishal Khand




August 24, 2014


Apple Inc.

Modernist Bungalow

  • Modernist Bungalow has been designed on straight lines and bold projections.
  • The client had very simple approach towards his residential requirements.
  • He wanted a simple house with lots of natural light and outdoor sitting spaces.
  • Vastu has been given importance in the designing.
  • This residence, is truly an example of modern architecture, that abides to the ideals.
  • Its fundamentals are clean and simple.

Explicit Geometry

  • An array of openings placed throughout the facade; calling attention to the beauty found in straight line geometry. Large windows provide interior spaces with ample natural light and modernist trademark.
  • The design features of wooden cladding in the front facade, gives a raw and natural look distinguishing from the solid designs.


  • PERGOLA, is a lovely combination of open and shaded space. It provides a cool and secluded spot to enjoy the outdoor environment; thus softens the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • The residences designed by us are not just physical spaces but habitats where families and individuals can nurture and grow in positive environment.
  • We spend great amount of time in understanding the lifestyles, choices and preferences of the clients.
  • We create homes that reflects their personality, identity, functionality and flexibility; these are some of the many aspects that we focus while designing the residences.

We are so glad that you choose M.I projects for your new residence.

First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan